St. John Paul II Catholic High School House System Goals

  1. Encourage our Catholic Identity as St. John Paul II Catholic High School

  2. Increase community that is evident in Faculty and student retention, current participation in events, encourage admissions and alumni relations

  3. Provide opportunities for student leadership through student created and led events

  4. Increase student retention through all goals

St. John Paul II Catholic High School House System Purpose

In 2021, St. John Paul II Catholic High School launched the inaugural House System. At JPII, every student, faculty, and staff member will belong to one of the four houses. You will notice that each House is represented by an important aspect of St. John Paul II’s life and mission.  The goal of the House System is to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact across grade levels in healthy competition and support each other as they grow in their Catholic faith. Students will learn to work hard individually for the good of their house, in addition to working as a team. The JPII House System encourages teamwork, friendship, service, and leadership. Houses compete against each other in the areas of academics, athletics, behavior, school spirit, and community service through quarterly accolades in academic and behavior, in House service projects and House games.  

St. John Paul II Catholic High School Leadership Council

This program will challenge student leaders and their respective councils to take on the real responsibility of serving their community and learn from the experience. It will remove the hope that our students will graduate as leaders and replace that hope with success through House events and projects that they are leaders. We will move past the theoretical to introduce the practical, with real struggles and with real successes. In this way we hope to amplify our sense of community by bringing administration, faculty, and students together with energy and focus to make each year at JPII greater than the year before.